Our Staff

Rick Nizzardini portrait

Rick Nizzardini

Rick Nizzardini is the interim director for Health Promotion & Wellness. He has worked at SF State for 13 years and is a licensed clinical social worker. Rick is also an advanced tennis player, and you can see him sometimes on weekends out at our SF State tennis courts!

Contact: rnizzard@sfsu.edu


Aimée Williams portrait

Aimée Williams

Aimée Williams is the lead health educator for Health Promotion & Wellness. She is currently focusing on hunger and houselessness at SF State. Fun fact: Aimée plays soccer every week in Golden Gate Park!

Contact: aimeew@sfsu.edu


Emily Hops portrait

Emily Hops

Emily Hops is the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Health Educator for HPW. She is guiding the campus in becoming smoke and tobacco free. She offers workshops on how to party safely and wants to develop a community for students who chose not to drink. Fun fact: Emily teaches Belly Dance Fitness at the Mashouf Wellness Center!

Contact: ehops@sfsu.edu.


Jul Custodio portrait

Jul Custodio

Jul Custodio is the mental health educator for Health Promotion & Wellness. She is passionate about destigmatizing mental health on campus and promoting a sense of community around mental health. Fun fact: Jul has her green belt in Capoeira that she received here at SF State!

Contact: custodio@sfsu.edu


Denmark Diaz portrait

Denmark Diaz

Denmark Diaz is the men’s health educator for Health Promotion & Wellness. He works to promote healthy masculinity and collaborates across different areas of health to prevent sexual violence on campus. Fun fact: Denmark is an ardent lover of cat Vines and Shoegaze music!

Contact: denmarkd@sfsu.edu


Julie Gardner portrait

Julie Gardner

Julie Gardner is the sexual health educator for Health Promotion & Wellness. She is believes in all-inclusive comprehensive sexual health education that is fun and accessible. Fun Fact: Julie has competitively snowboarded in half pipe​, park, and slope style!

Contact: jewlee@sfsu.edu


Priyam Das portrait

Priyam Das

Priyam Das is the Health Communications Specialist for Health Promotion & Wellness. She is passionate about fusing the worlds of health and marketing together and works with each of the health educators to provide health education to the campus community. Fun fact: Priyam has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Contact: pdas@sfsu.edu


Kim Nguyen portrait

Kim Nguyen

Kim Nguyen is the administrative analyst for Health Promotion & Wellness. She provides administrative support for our HPW team and interns. Fun fact: Kim participates in an annual river cleanup with her family and friends in Petaluma!

Contact: kimn@sfsu.edu