Our Staff

Karen Boyce portrait

Karen Boyce, LCSW

Karen is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked in health education for 14 years both in schools and health departments. Her specialties are in sexual health and health equity. Fun Fact: Karen as won two competitive bocce trophies!

Contact: boycek@sfsu.edu


Jul Custodio portrait

Jul Custodio, MPH
Mental Health Educator

Jul is passionate about destigmatizing mental health on campus and promoting a sense of community around mental health. Fun fact: Jul has her green belt in Capoeira that she received here at SF State!

Contact: custodio@sfsu.edu


Priyam Das portrait

Priyam Das, MPH
Health Communication Specialist

Priyam works with each of the health educators to develop strategic health messaging for the campus community. Fun fact: Priyam has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Contact: pdas@sfsu.edu


Denmark Diaz portrait

Denmark Diaz
Men’s Health Educator 

Denmark works to promote healthy masculinity and collaborates across different areas of health to prevent sexual violence on campus. Fun fact: Denmark is an ardent lover of memes and Shoegaze music!

Contact: denmarkd@sfsu.edu


Julie Gardner portrait

Jewlee Gardner, MPH
Interim Assistant Director for Basic Needs Initiatives 

Jewlee works on the Basic Needs Initiative to support students experiencing food and housing insecurity. She believes in order for students to reach their full potential at San Francisco State they need stable access to fundamental life components like food and housing. Fun Fact: Jewlee has competitively snowboarded in half pipe​, park, and slope style!

Contact: jewlee@sfsu.edu


Emily Hops portrait

Emily Hops
Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs Health Educator

Emily is guiding the campus in becoming smoke and tobacco free. She offers workshops on how to party safely and wants to develop a community for students who chose not to drink. Fun fact: Emily teaches Belly Dance Fitness at the Mashouf Wellness Center!

Contact: ehops@sfsu.edu.


Danielle Lundstrom portrait

Danielle Lundstrom, MPH, RD
Nutrition Health Educator

Danielle is a Registered Dietitian and is passionate about creating environmental changes that support healthy eating habits. She also enjoys helping students learn and feel confident in making healthier eating choices. Fun fact: Danielle did a global health field experience in Ethiopia!

Contact: dlundstrom@sfsu.edu


Martha Mellblom portrait

Martha Mellblom
Administrative Analyst

Martha provides administrative support for our Health Promotion & Wellness team. Fun fact: Martha has walked almost every public stairway in San Francisco!

Contact: marthamellblom@sfsu.edu


Kim Nguyen portrait

Kim Nguyen, MA
Peer Health Leadership Health Educator

Kim focuses on elevating student’s leadership through the peer health leadership program which includes the internship and ambassador program. Fun fact: Kim participates in an annual river cleanup with her family and friends in Petaluma!

Contact: kimn@sfsu.edu


Dylan Pugh portrait

Dylan Pugh
Sexual Health Educator

Dylan works with students to make positive and healthy changes when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health choices. His goal is to empower students to learn more about how to better their sexual and reproductive health through education, resources, and shifting the campus culture into a sex positive one. Fun fact: Dylan played jazz bass guitar for over a decade!

Contact: dylanpugh@sfsu.edu