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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

BREATHE: How to Help a Friend Quit Smoking

Do you know someone who is interested in quitting tobacco or e-cigarettes? In this workshop you will learn about how to refer a friend to on and off campus resources.


BREATHE: How to Quit Smoking, Stress Free! 

Quitting tobacco or e-cigarettes can be stressful. In this workshop you can learn about the on and off campus resources and techniques to help you quit, stress free!


How to Party Smart

Get some insider tips on how to have fun without the headache the next day. In this workshop you can learn about how much you're actually drinking, your personal buzz point, how to keep you and your friends safe, and what to do if things have gone too far. ​


Mental Health

Zzz’s to A’s: Healthy Sleep Habits 

This workshop addresses the multiple barriers to achieving optimal sleep. Participants will learn the benefits of quality sleep and develop personal goals to increasing optimal sleep.


How to Help a Friend in Distress 

This workshop helps you identify when a person is in distress, this includes feeling upset, stressed, anxious, depressed, or has emotional or psychological symptoms. Participants will be able to feel confident in helping a friend in distress and be able to refer them to on campus resources.


Decolonizing Mental Health

In this workshop, explore how a person’s cultural history contributes to stigma in seeking support and the racial inequities in mental health. This workshop also acknowledges that colonial mentality inhibits a person of color to love themselves fully. Participants will be able to critically examine how mental health has been shaped in their lives and develop strategies to challenge internalized oppression.


Self-Care as Resistance: Reducing Stress

This workshop explores various self-care strategies to utilize on a daily basis to promote positive mental health and reduce stress. Participants will engage in different self-care strategies and develop personal goals to reducing stress.



Building Healthy Eating Patterns Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to incorporate all food groups into your diet, how to read a nutrition label, and develop habits that make eating stress free. 


Eating on a Budget Workshop

This workshop will help you gain skills to plan, shop, cook, and eat while on a budget as well as resources to help supplement your food budget.


Eating During the Holidays Workshop

Want to enjoy your favorite holiday foods without the stress or overeating? This workshop takes an Intuitive Eating approach to eating during the holidays to help you savor without the guilt.



This presentation will review the CalFresh program, its eligibility requirements, and how students can apply through campus. It will also review other food resources that students can access on campus.


Intuitive Eating

This is an interactive workshop introducing students to the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating. This model aims to take the stress and guilt out of eating and food choices, providing a solution to dieting and chaotic eating. 


Food Insecurity at SF State

This workshop will discuss the issues and effects of food insecurity on college students, including information about hunger at SF State and current resources available for students.

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