Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus Policy Support

SF State is a Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus

In efforts to build a healthier and more resilient campus community, San Francisco State University has been moving towards being a smoke and tobacco free campus for many years. This provides faculty, staff, students, guests and the public with a campus that supports one’s individual freedom to learn, teach, work, think and take part in their intellectual endeavors in a fulfilling, rewarding, safe and healthy environment.

In concert with all California State University campuses, San Francisco State University will be 100% smoke and tobacco free. For more information, please view Executive Order 1108, Policy on Systemwide Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus Environment. This supersedes Executive Order 599 and previous campus tobacco policies related to smoking and tobacco.

Please view our FAQs for additional information.

Who does this effect?

All members of the CSU community:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff 
  • Alumni
  • University Volunteers
  • Contractors or Vendors
  • Visitors to any CSU campus or properties, including residentail life property

Where does this policy apply?

The tobacco policy applies to all SF State property, including:

  • Interior and exterior of any CSU campus
  • Inside buildings, outdoor areas, including parking lots
  • Vehicles (including private vehicles) on university property
    • Owned, leased, rented by university or one of its auxiliaries
  • Parking Structure
  • Romberg Tiburon Center (RTC), and downtown campus
  • Residential Life Property

What does "Smoke and Tobacco-Free" include?

Inhaling exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted or heated:

  • Cigar, cigarette, cigarillo or pipe
  • Electronic cigarette (e.g. vapes)
  • Hookah
  • Other tobacco products (e.g. chewing tobacco/snuff)
  • Plant products (e.g. marijuana)
  • Synthetic products (e.g. synthetic marijuana)
  • Any component, part, or accessory of a tobacco product

Resources for Students

On-Campus Resources

Student Health Services

  • Provides over-the-counter and prescription nicotine replacement therapy.
  • For consultation, make an appointment.

Health Promotion & Wellness

  • If you are quitting cigarettes or e-cigarettes, come pick up a "Stress Free Quitting Kit" at the HPW Office
  • Students can also stop by the HPW Office to pick up a “Tobacco and Nicotine: Resources for Support” booklet to speak to a Health Educator about off-campus resources, or how to help a friend quit smoking.

Off-Campus Resources


  • Text messages: send QUIT to 47848

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

  • Quit Lines: 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-877-488-7848)

Find your state quitline

  • Accepts callers throughout the country and seamlessly directs them to their appropriate state resources
  • Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8664)
  • Chat online with trained counselors or by phone (NCI): 1-800-4CANCER (1-800-422-6237)

Quit Now Cards

  • Small, plastic cards that help promote the national quitline
  • 250 cards for $62.50 and an additional 250 free cards with order

Asian Smoking Quitline (ASQ)

Nicotine Anonymous

  • 12-step program for people wishing to quit smoking and those that desire to live tobacco free

UCSF Smoking Cessation Resources

  • Find additional online resources for smoking cessation

Resources for Employees

Student Health Services

  • Staff and faculty can purchase over-the-counter nicotine repalcement therapy at the Student Health Services pharmacy

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Health Insurance

Tobacco Cessation Health Insurance Options
Health Insurance Plan Tobacco Cessation Resources
Kaiser Permanente

Free quit tobacco program includes in-person and telephone support, classes, and local support groups. Other services include automated phone feedback and online tools. Over-the-counter medication (nicotine replacement gum, patch, lozenge) avaliable at drug benefit copay. Most classes at no cost to member.


Fee charged for stop smoking help by phone program that includes counseling, quit smoking kit, and nicotine patches/other nicotine replacement prescriptions. Plan also offers free stop smoking program that includes online, self-directed educational information.

Health Net Smartcare

Free quit tobacco program includes phone and email support from health coaches. Online program includes tools to identify risks, self-care steps, track health changes, and treatment options. Other services include audio libraries, streaming videos and educational materials.

PERS Select

Free nurse coaching, and support by phone; online, self-directed quit tobacco program includes an online quit kit.

Anthem Select HMO

Free quit tobacco program includes two counseling quit attempts within a 12-month period; each counseling attempt includes four face-to-face visits.

PERS Choice

Free nurse couaching and support by phone; online, self-directed quit tobacco program includes an online quit kit. 

Blue Shield Access+

Free stop smoking program includes online, self-directed educational information as well as online support group (message board) with expert help.


Free nursing coaching and support by phone; online, self-directed quit tobacco program includes an online kit

Anthem Traditional HMO

Free quit tobacco program includes two counseling quit attempts within a 12-month period; each counseling attempt includes four face-to-face visits.


For information on health care providers that can provide tobacco cessation resources, please refer to the Benefits & Retirements Services.

Educational Resources

UCSF Smoking Cessation

  • Packaged resources and toolkits to aid you in your efforts

Marijuana and Tobacco Fact Sheet