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Health Promotion & Wellness strives to create a community of wellness at SF State. Prioritizing students’ health in all spaces and policies must be a part of the educational and social justice mission of the university. If students are well they are more likely to reach their whole potential at SF State in the classroom and beyond.

In order to create a community of wellness faculty, staff, and administrators need tools and skills to promote health. Below are resources and opportunities for you to be part of creating a healthy SF State.

Wellness in the Virtual Classroom Toolkit

Taking small steps to support students’ well-being in the virtual classroom can have a profound impact on academic success. Use the practical strategies in this tool kit to build your wellness promotion skills and enhance your teaching pedagogy.

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Request a Faculty/Staff Skill-building Workshop

Request Health Promotion & Wellness to facilitate a faculty and staff skill-building workshop for your department. Current workshops include:

Creating Campus Wellness

Is wellness necessary for student success? What can I do about it? This workshop covers the concepts and key activities that create a “well campus” and why it helps all of the campus community to promote health.

SF State Campus Health Resources

There are a wealth of health and wellness resources available to students at SF State. This workshop shares those resources so that staff and faculty are well versed on the campus community there to support students and ready to make those referrals when students are in need.

Request a Workshop for Your Class

Health Promotion & Wellness provides free workshops and demonstrations of interactive health promotion activities to the SF State Community.

Video Resources for Your Class

Don't have enough time for a workshop in your class? Use videos created by our health education coordinators and students leaders to share with your students.

Extra Credit for Your Class

If you would like to provide extra credit to your students for participating in an HPW event or workshop, please provide your students with extra credit slips. We also encourage students to take photos of the HPW event, or to take an HPW information flyer for proof of participation! 

Join a Campus Wellness Committee or Group

Are you interested in being more involved with campus wellness committees and groups? Join one of the following groups:

Employee Wellness Resources