Health Areas

Click the links below to learn about our different health areas.


Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs (ATOD) health area encourages students to make safer choices regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Programs include: Late Night Events, BREATHE campaign, Mocktails, and more.

Mental Health area aims to decrease stigma, increase help-seeking behavior, and create a campus community of caring. Programs include: Therapy Animals, Tea Time Out and Self-Care Station.

Nutrition health area helps students gain knowledge and develop skills to make healthier eating choices. Program areas include: Cooking Classes, Cooking Demos, and Nutrition Clinic.

Peer Health Leadership program fosters student leadership and engagement through our Student Leader and Ambassador programs.

Sexual Health area promotes a sex positive culture through health education, condom access programs and culture change initiatives. Programs include: Condom Cart, STI Testing Van, Condom Shop, and more.

Social & Emotional Wellness area enhances skills to build healthy relationships and supportive communities that improve well-being and college success.

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