Do You Have a Yes?: A Refresher on Getting Consent

Text saying "Do You Have a Yes?" with a blue hand backgroundCrimes of sexual and relationship violence take place without someone's consent. What is consent? 

Consent is the affirmative, unambiguous, and voluntary agreement to engage in a specific sexual activity. 

So, if you're inititating sexual activity, the first step is to ask for consent before taking ANY action. If someone fails to say "no," that doesn't mean that the person is saying "yes." You must get clear consent in that moment that is completely voluntary, without coercion, intimidation, force, or threats. If you're unsure that consent has been given or if consent is withdrawn, do NOT act!

Consent given earlier for a certain act doesn't mean you can automatically proceed with other acts. And your partner certainly has the right to change their mind. 

Consent also CANNOT be given if someone is unconcious, asleep, incapacitated (due to alcohol/other drugs), a minor, or physically/mentally impaired. Plus, if you have a current relationship with someone or did in the past, that does NOT mean you can just proceed with sexual activity. You always need to get consent! 


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