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Everyone is welcome to participate in our free workshops and events! Please note, RSVP may be recommended for some workshops. For disability and accessiblilty accommodations please contact us at

REQUEST A WORKSHOPIf you would like to request one of our workshops for your class or student org, please see our full list of offerings and submit a request form.

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Upcoming Events


Please check back in January 2019.


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Upcoming Workshops


Text of Birds and Baes

The Birds and the Baes: Sex, Sexting, and Tinder

In a world of social media, dating apps, and sexting, sexual communication is forever evolving. This workshop covers how consent can be sexy, verbal and non-verbal communication styles, and how to navigate sexting as a form of sexual communication.

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 12 from 4- 5 PM
Location: Mashouf Wellness Center Classroom

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Ongoing Events & Workshops


Food in the background, text of Gator Groceries

Gator Groceries

Come get free groceries including produce, bread, dry goods, snacks, and more!

Date, Time, & Location:

Every Monday from 12:30- 3 PM in the Annex I 
Every Wednesday & Thursday from 1- 7 PM in the Pyramid          (3rd floor of Cesar Chavez Student Center)


Cartoon dog and cat inside a heart outline

Therapy Animals

Take time out of your busy scheduled to pet one of our visiting therapy animals!

Date & Time:

Therapy Dogs: First and Third Tuesday of the month
Therapy Cat: Second Thursday of the month

Location: For locations, visit our Therapy Animals page or follow us on SF State Cares


Tree branches and sky in the shape of lungs

Tobacco Free Tuesday

Come to Tobacco Free Tuesdays to support those who are working towards living a smoke and tobacco free life. You can learn about on and off campus resources and ways to support a loved one in quitting. Share why you lead a smoke and tobacco free life, and your story may be featured on @sfstatecares

Date & Time: Every Tuesday from 12:30 to 2:30 PM
Location: Malcom X Plaza


Tea Kettle with Steam Coming Out

Wellness Wednesdays: Tea Time Out

Tea Time Out is a program that emphasizes taking time out of one’s day to relax.  Tea benefits include stress relief, relaxation, boosts immune system and increases intellectual activity.

Date & Time: Every Wednesday from 9:45- 10:45 AM
Location: The Quad


Illustration of a colorful body sitting in a crossed leg position

Wellness Wednesdays: Self-Care Stations

Self-Care Station is a program where one can learn and practice self-care strategies including aromatherapy, painting rocks, anti-stress coloring, practicing gratitude, self-care contracts, creating zines, plus more!

Date & Time: Every Wednesday from 12:45- 1:45 PM
Location: The Quad


image of train

Condom Caboose

Choo Choo! The Condom Caboose is your plug for a variety of free lube, condoms, dental dams and condom education. #SexyAtSFState

Condom Caboose
Date & Time: Wed., December 5 from 11 AM-12:30 PM
Location: In front of the Gym

Condom Caboose
Date & Time: Wed., December 12 from 11 AM-12:30 PM
Location: Quad


text image that says listener, sidewalk talk, you talk, we listen.

Sidewalk Talk

Sidewalk Talk is a community listening project where trained listeners offer to listen to anyone about anything!

Date & Time: Every Second and Fourth Thursday of the month from 2:45- 3:45 PM
Location: 19th & Holloway corner


Turn Up with and arrow under that then bends up

Turn Up! Late Night Events

Turn Up! for late night activities with friends new and old and enjoy music and snacks!

Turn Up! for Game Night
Date & Time: First Friday of the month from 9 PM- 12 AM
Location: Mashouf Wellness Center

Turn Up! for Art Night
Date & Time: Second Friday of the month from 9 PM- 12 AM
Location: Mary Park Hall

Turn Up! for Movie Night
Date & Time: Third Friday of the month from 9 PM- 12 AM
Location: On top of Cesar Chavez Student Center

Turn Up! for Trivia Night
Date & Time: Fourth Friday of the month from 9 PM- 12 AM
Location: Mashouf Wellness Center

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