If you need someone to talk to right now, text the Crisis Text Line (Text HOME to 741741), call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255), or call the Trevor Project LGBTQ Lifeline (1-866-488-7386) for 24/7 support.


What You Should Know About Depression

Sometimes you may feel sad or depressed, but when is it a serious problem? If depression is affecting your day-to-day life, there may be something you can do about it.

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If you’re depressed, you may notice changes in your feelings or behaviors, such as:

  • Feeling like there’s no hope
  • Withdrawing from others
  • Significant change in your sleep habits
  • Difficulty enjoying activities that used to make you happy


Some things that can contribute to depression, include:

  • Psychological, biological, or genetic factors
  • Negative events
  • Major life changes
  • Certain medications
  • Drugs or alcohol can intensify your experience of depression
  • But sometimes the cause of depression is unclear.


How can I practice self-care when I’m feeling depressed?

  • Talk about your feelings and problems with someone you trust.
  • Find new things that make you happy.
  • Try going outside to enjoy the sun or fresh air, make a new recipe, watch a funny video, play music, or express yourself with art or dance.
  • Start a journal or write yourself a positive message on a sticky note.
  • Move your body to help reduce tension, relax, increase energy, and improve sleep.
  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • For more self-care tips, check out this list.


Who can you go to for help with depression?

Seeing a mental health provider can be helpful for depression. Professionals, like doctors, counselors, or psychiatrists, can make recommendations for treating depression.


On-Campus Resources

Talking to a mental health provider can be helpful when you need support. Professionals, like doctors, counselors, or psychiatrists, can make recommendations for managing and treating stress, depression, anxiety, and other self-care practices.

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • They offer individual and group counseling and support
    • To schedule an appointment, call (415) 338-2208 or stop by Student Services Building Room 208
    • They offer Group Therapy for Depression. Call for group times and to set up a meeting with the facilitator.

Student Health Services

  • They can connect you to someone for support.
    • To schedule an appointment, call (415) 338-1719, login to myHealth, or stop by Student Health Services (located between the Ethnic Studies & Psychology and the Student Services buildings).

Peggy H. Smith Counseling Clinic

  • They provide free individual, couple, or group counseling to registered SF State students during the academic year.
  • The clinic is staffed by second year trainees from the masters program in the Department on Counseling, and supervised by licensed clinical counselors form Counseling & Psychological Services.
    • To schedule an appointment, call (415) 338-1024

SF State Psychology Training Clinic

  • They offer low-fee individual, couple, family, and group therapy.
  • The clinic is staffed by clinical psychology graduate students who are supervised by licensed clinicians.
    • To schedule an appointment, call (415) 338-2856


Off-Campus Resources

There are many resources in San Francisco and the Bay Area to assist you with immediate and long term support.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) San Francisco

  • Help Line: (415) 905-NAMI (6264)
  • Support Groups
  • Peer-to-Peer Classes
  • Support for family and friends

Well Clinic

  • Offers sliding scale therapy in San Francisco
  • Call (415) 952-0290 for a free consultation

Integral Counseling Center at Pierce Street

  • Offers low cost mental health counselling
  • To schedule an appointment, call (415) 776-3109

Mental Health Association of Alameda County

  • Find services in Oakland, Berkeley, and Albany.


For a longer list of resources, visit the Counseling & Psychological Services Resources page.