Sexual Violence Prevention

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Sexual Violence Prevention at HPW:

Our goal is to create a healthy and respectful campus culture that does not tolerate violence.

We do this by:

  • fostering a culture of consent
  • promoting healthy relationships and healthy relationships skills  
  • increasing capacity of our communities to be active bystanders to disrupt rape culture

Sexual Violence Prevention Program:

Thinking of You is a monthly outreach activity that aims to promote a culture of care by providing a safe space peers to create messages of support through art. We also provide free information about resources available on and off campus.

Sexual Violence Prevention Workshops & Discussions:

Attend an Open Workshop: Health Promotion & Wellness offers a variety of open workshops each semester. Feel free to drop-in to any workshop.

Request a Workshop: Health Promotion & Wellness provides free workshops to the SF State Community. Please submit a request at least three weeks in advance of the date requested

Learn how consent, power, healthy relationships, and collective action influence how we can change culture to prevent campus sexual violence. Plus, get information about campus resources for support.


Learn what healthy boundaries look like, how to set your own, how to be more aware of your partner(s)’ potential boundaries, and how to practice boundaries in navigating consent for healthier relationships.

What do you do when someone says "no" to you? Being told "no" can bring up a lot of uncomfortable feelings. In this workshop, we'll explore how to get unstuck when we receive a “no” and practice skills on how to move forward that respects someone else’s boundaries.


What is trust? How do you know you have it? What is it like when you lose it? Come learn how trust is built, what breaks it, and the steps to start repairing it.

Sexual Violence Prevention Collaborative

We are dedicated to addressing the root causes of sexual violence, supporting survivors, and communicating that violence is unacceptable. Come help us prevent sexual violence within San Francisco State University and beyond.

Want to get involved? For questions about the Collaborative, contact Denmark Diaz, Men's Health and Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator, at

Sexual Violence Resources:


  • The SAFE Place (confidential support)
    • (415) 338-2208
    • Open Monday- Friday from 9 am– 12 pm; 1- 4 pm
  • Equity Programs & Compliance (Non-Confidential; to report an incident)
    • (415) 338-2032
    • Open Monday- Friday from 8 am– 5 pm